Chemoil continues to expand its presence within all major marine fuel markets to provide customers with a consistent, flexible and reliable service that meets their needs globally.

New South Wales Bunker supply

We are excited to announce a new way to supply bunker in Port Kembla, Sydney and Eden. Chemoil has introduced a dedicated bunker barge which is capable of supplying RMG-380 and MGO. This will revolutionise your bunkering needs and expand your shipping capability in New South Wales. Chemoil is also able to leverage of existing supply chain & relationships with bunker supply by trucks and/or pipeline along coast from Darwin through to Adelaide.

Sourcing of cargo

Our oil products meet the stringent demand imposes by MAROL, IMO and local government regulatory requirement.

Shipping & Storage

As part of our integrated approach in our supply chain, we are able to incorporate product transportation, blending, storage and delivery. At each stage of the supply chain, stringent checks are done to ensure quality and quantity of product are not compromised.

Delivery & Quality

We have a wide network of storage and logistic assets to in various locations all over eastern, southern and northern Australia. As such, we can delivery product to you in remote areas where you want them and when you need them. All product supplied will meet ISO 8217 requirement so that you will have a peace of mind after booking with us.

By having one supplier across multiple locations and with the peace of mind that Chemoil is able to deliver, our customers can bunker with confidence whatever their situation or location.