Hedge your fuel exposure directly

We provide innovative and flexible Fuel Risk Management solutions to optimize your bunker procurement and create cost savings in your operation. We are one the largest independent physical suppliers of marine fuels with vertically integrated supply systems in the largest bunker hubs in the world, making our Fuel Risk Management Team able to offer competitive and comprehensive bunker hedging and exposure management services.

With bunker costs representing a significant percentage of your operating costs and market volatility plotting a choppy course ahead, let us assist you to remove the uncertainty from your purchasing strategy.

Different corporate and financial strategies require different approaches to bunker hedging and exposure management. With your input, we will devise a strategy that is right for you. Be it a simple hedging tool tied to physical supply or a comprehensive exposure management solution to meet your purchasing needs and strategies.

Fixed Forward Physical

Do you want to fix your future bunker fuel price now?

We offer competitive supply contracts with embedded hedging solutions.

These contracts allow you to lock in how much you will pay for bunkers in a specific time frame, whether it is next month, next quarter or next year.

Please learn more about the by contacting our regional offices .

Hedging through Derivatives

Our group runs one of the biggest derivatives trading books in the world, which offers you the opportunity to tap into competitive pricing of worldwide oil products and all derivatives solutions available.

Our Fuel Risk Management team will assist you choosing the right solution deriving a cash flow offsetting changes in oil product prices.

Please learn more about the solutions here or contact our Fuel Risk Management team.

Floating Price Contracts

Do you want a floating price Contract that seeks to reflect the market price on the day of nomination or day of delivery?

We offer flexible Floating Price contracts in ports where we conduct business. These contracts can be customized to provide you with additional options, such as

  • Converting Floating into Fixed Forward Physical solutions
  • Converting Fixed Forward Price to Floating
  • Change price reference to another geographical area or bunker product making you able taking advantage of any foreseeable market changes.

Please learn more about the by contacting our regional offices.

Custom Agreements

Markets and market strategies come in many different shapes and sizes. Not happy with what you see? Allow us to deliver a custom agreement that gives you the peace of mind you need to operate your business in the way that you want.

Please learn more about the solutions here or contact our Fuel Risk Management team.

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Effective January 1, 2016, Glencore Ltd. is the physical marine fuel supplier in the Americas (U.S. and Panama).

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