Our people

Courage, teamwork and entrepreneurship are the driving forces moving our people ahead in an environment of economic uncertainty and volatility.

Core Values

The growth and future of Chemoil rest upon our people, and, in this regard, we view our employees as our greatest assets. Throughout years of change, it has been our dedicated employees who have rallied to the cause, demonstrating the commitment, unity and strength that lie at the core of Chemoil's success.

Leadership in Diversity

Chemoil promotes a multicultural environment that is reflective of our diverse workforce. Our employees, from over 20 countries, offer valuable insights and perspectives, which, in turn, helps to shape our products and services. At Chemoil, we believe in developing talents to help us remain competitive. As an example of our commitment to helping our people grow, our talent management program fosters lateral and vertical movements in our various offices across the globe.

Chemoil's management team seeks to nurture and develop the next generation of leaders who will move the company forward. Based on a transparent system of merit, we invest in our people and provide them with ample opportunities to excel.

Talent Management

Chemoil attracts the best and the brightest in the industry by offering our employees attractive compensation and benefits packages. Our educational fund is established to encourage our people to continually upgrade their skills and knowledge.

What we offer

The work environment at Chemoil is characterized by strong leadership, multi-tasking, close collaboration and agile but disciplined decision-making in order to respond to a rapidly changing market. Key business objectives and operational goals are established for teams and individuals, but there is ample flexibility in terms of planning and implementation, allowing our people to be creative and resourceful. Despite a highly dynamic and fast-paced work environment, the organization fosters camaraderie among employees and makes it a point to celebrate individual and collective achievements.

Working at Chemoil enables one to learn the unique and highly specialized business of oil and global fuel supply chain operations. Chemoil employees are exposed to an array of activities, such as trading, fuel blending, terminal and storage operations, chartering, shipping, barging, finance and risk management, thus building a platform for learning and growing. Global mobility is an ongoing practice as managers and key talents are often transferred among Chemoil offices.

Compensation and benefits programs tend to be pegged locally to the country where a Chemoil office is situated. Salary, however, is on a competitive level. The entrepreneurial culture also recognizes individual achievements and employees are rewarded accordingly for their contributions and provided long-term incentives.

Given Chemoil's distinctive operations in the supply chain business, employees are given opportunities to develop their careers either on a horizontal or vertical basis. Employees are encouraged to continue honing their knowledge and skills in their core competency. Training and career development at Chemoil is often marked with global mobility. Key employees and managers are given assignments overseas to prepare them for their future role in the Company.

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