At Chemoil, we strive to do many things well. Because only one thing counts: our customers.

Established in 1981, Chemoil is one of the world's leading retail energy companies in sea and land sectors, delivering energy to an extensive network of international clients. Chemoil partners with its customers to optimize fuel procurement and management. But our real business is delivering exceptional value to our customers through:

  • Experience a leader in the marine fuel market since 1981, with complementary capabilities in jet fuel, gasoline and diesel fuel
  • Global presence offices or fuel supply facilities in key ports the world over, from Singapore to San Francisco
  • Reliability ownership and leasing of terminals provide operational stability for our customers
  • Service meeting our customers’ needs every time, everywhere
  • Innovation developing new and better ways to deliver energy
  • Quality controlling the supply chain to ensure delivery of value-priced, dependable fuels
  • Integrity a core value that comes first for every Chemoil associate

Company Strategy/Vision

Chemoil has a three-pronged strategy for growth.

  • Markets - We aim to continue growing our sales and serving our customers by expanding into new geographical markets through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, capitalizing on development opportunities and support for strategic customers.
  • Products - We intend to expand our product portfolio beyond marine fuel to include related products such as jet fuel, gasoline/diesel and middle distillates. As we integrate sales of new products into our existing business, we plan to use our existing infrastructure to provide value-added services to consumers of these products.
  • Infrastructure - We plan to enhance our cost advantages based on a number of key factors, such as cost-benefit analysis, geographical locations, strategic advantages and other commercial considerations.